The Texas House Democratic Campaign Committee (HDCC) was born in Ardmore, Oklahoma in 2003. House Republicans were ramming through a redistricting plan to disenfranchise millions of Texans. In protest, House Democrats left Texas for Ardmore to break quorum and prevent the congressional redistricting map from passing. The need for a new organization was clear — an organization with a sole mission to win and maintain a Democratic majority in the Texas House.

Since founded, the HDCC has worked with allied organizations around the state, serving as the central campaign clearinghouse for Democratic challengers and incumbents. We’ve done this by focusing on:

  • recruiting and training competitive candidates,
  • conducting survey research to identify voter trends and attitudes,
  • and ensuring our candidates have the financial resources to frame the debate and win.

In 2012, voters put an end to the destructive Republican super-majority in the Texas House. During the last election cycle, HDCC protected and re-elected every Democratic State Representative. We also flipped more Texas House seats from Republican to Democratic control than in any other election in recent memory — Abel Herrero (HD 34), Oscar Longoria (HD 35), Terry Canales (HD 40), Joe Moody (HD 74), Chris Turner (HD 101), Phil Cortez (HD 117), and Mary Ann Perez (HD 144).

In 2010, Governor Rick Perry and a Tea Party-controlled legislature decreased public school funding for the first time in more than four decades. They pushed a political agenda that hurt state universities, passed down health care costs to the local level and ignored neglected roads, bridges and infrastructure. This year even with nearly $12 billion expected in the Rainy Day Fund, the Republican majority is refusing to restore the funds neighborhood schools need to provide our children with the quality education they deserve.

HDCC is fighting back: Democrats have a clear vision for our future, and Tea Party candidates have a record impossible to defend. The Texas HDCC is ready to make them answer for their record. We have a plan – both for offense and defense. Texas HDCC is primed and ready to build on the successes of 2012 and to put our state back on the path to building an educated workforce and a growing economy.